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The Western Suite and Siesta Songs (2016)

by Amor~Convertino

The Western Suite and Siesta Songs, the first release by newly formed duo Amor~Convertino, is the perfect soundtrack to a drive through the desert Southwest. The thin, straight line of the road, unending to the horizon; dark, distant rainclouds hovering far ahead and above; the feel of the heat on the asphalt; and most of all the space… Space and time have come together in the Southwest to create an environment unequaled elsewhere in elegance and beauty. Amor~Convertino have created a classic record matching those desert roads and views of Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas. It’s a singular record of space, elegance, beauty.

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Hear The Walls (2014)

by Naïm Amor

"When you turn the music off, you can hear the walls, the soul of one specific place, its nude ambiance that makes it so unique. This album fits the moment and the place when you decide to finally turn the music on again and…listen."



Dansons (2012)

by Naim Amor

A chameleon of a musician who's active in myriad projects, Amor is intriguing when he takes the reins as a songwriter. With a shade of mystery, Dansons captures the sort of contentment that comes when the day's concerns have been bottled up and set aside.


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